My yoga journey has taken me through several twists and turns; ultimately it has become a sacred practice from the heart. For me, yoga is essentially about realizing that we are pure Divine light, and allowing that light to shine out. Connecting to this pure, universal love fills me up in a way that nothing ever has. I spent many years looking outside myself for a way to feel whole, normal, and at peace. I eventually found yoga, and interestingly enough, my first experience with it was a path of devotion, although I wasn't ready for that yet. It was that first encounter with Kundalini Yoga that would stay with me, waiting until the time was just right.

I began practicing Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, and loved every bit of it: how it made my body feel, how it gave me strength, balance, flexibility, and how it even quieted my mind. Through my practice I opened my heart, I worked through fears and pains, and I found joy. Yet as much as my practice changed my life, something was still missing. Intuitively, I stopped focusing so much on asana, and began chanting and meditation. Kundalini Yoga came back into my home practice. Its profound beauty opened me in a way that I had yet to experience. Ultimately, it was through sadhana (a daily, spiritual practice) that I began to really heal and grow. I love the physical aspect of yoga, but devotion to Divine love is the heart and soul of my practice. It is through Love, of my Self and the One, that I am made whole.

My path to natural healing began when my second child was just about a year old. He was suffering from one ear infection after another, and we found ourselves on an endless merry­go­round of antibiotics. When this didn’t work, my doctor began talking about putting tubes in my son’s ears, an idea that I adamantly opposed. Instead, I began taking my son to a chiropractor, changed his diet, and began giving him herbal supplements. The result was immediate and complete: no more ear infections! This completely changed my mind about how healthcare should work. Shortly after this I began learning more about Ayurveda and initiated the process of healing my own body and mind. Ayurveda is now a central focus to my life, and largely determines how I shape each day. The simplicity of Ayurveda continually awes me, and its effectiveness inspires me to share what I have learned.

My intention in teaching yoga and practicing Ayurveda is to create a sacred place in which we can uncover the amazing healing potential that lies within each of us. For true peace is found only when we touch the center of our being, honor it, and harmonize our life with our surroundings.